7th Time Lucky by Dave Rigby


In 2007, David Rigby made a decision that would change his life forever; he was determined to become a dad. As a gay man, he knew that it was going to be challenging, but he could have no idea just how difficult it would be until he took his first tentative steps towards fatherhood. 7th Time Lucky charts this journey, beginning with David s attempts to find a reputable agency to handle the surrogacy process, and his unlucky encounter with the fertility fraudster, John Gonzalez. He is then introduced to a wide and varied assortment of potential surrogate mothers, and experiences the first of much heartbreak as obstacles and bad luck make it look as if a pregnancy is never going to happen. Happiness should be assured when David finally finds his surrogate, but her unwillingness to communicate, fiery temper, health concerns and unusual circumstances throw yet more uncertainty into the process. All he wants is a child to love and call his own, but it was never going to be that easy.

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