8 BALL Back To The Future Inspired T Shirt


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We are now officially living in the future as the date Marty travelled to in the second Back to the Future movie has been and gone – October 21st 2015! (Insert lamentation of the lack of hover boards here). This cool BTTF inspired design is based on the equipment on the dashboard of Doc Brown’s time-travelling Delorean, showing the dates October 26 1985 (labelled ‘Destination Time’, the present in the film series), October 21st 2015 (labelled Present time, the future in the films) and October 12th 1955 (labelled ‘Last Time Departed’, the setting for the third movie). Show some love for one of the greatest film trilogies of all time with this! Please note this is a BTTF inspired product, not officially licensed.


Small 34-36 27 86-91 68
Medium 36-38 28 91-96 71
Large 40-42 29 101-106 73
XL 44-46 31 111-116 78
2XL 46-48 32 116-121 81
3XL 50-52 33 127-132 83


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