ElectraStim Electropaddle Electro Spanking Paddle Black


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Bring some electro-play magic into your bedroom bondage games with our first ElectraStim Spanking Paddle! This bi-polar beauty is crafted from smooth leather and features a trio of electrodes to escalate the impact of your sensory play.

You can use this bi-polar electrode as a uni-polar electrode to synchronise pleasure and pain like never before. Try spanking alongside an ElectraLoop cock ring, an anal sex toy or a vaginal probe for a play session to remember, or use ElectraPaddle with our ElectraStim Flick stimulators for rhythmic stimulation that matches the force of your swing.


Genuine leather with chromed steel contacts.

Note: To ensure you’re choosing a Stimulator with ample power for your accessories, we always recommend consulting the Compatibility Table


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