ID Millennium 17 oz Pump Lubricant

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Guaranteed never sticky, I-D Millennium Moisturizing Lubricant represents the highest quality pure silicone lubricant manufactured in the United States. It never dries and never loses slip, even underwater.

This super-concentrated, clear, odorless formula is latex compatible and washes off easily with soap and warm water. Experience the premium quality and superior performance of I-D Millennium’, it’s truly amazing!

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.

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1 review for ID Millennium 17 oz Pump Lubricant

  1. Phil G

    This is by far the best lube for ass sex on the market. I only really recently discovered silicone lube and I won’t be going back to waterbased any time soon. The only two downsides are the price – yeah its more expensive that waterbased, but it lasts a LONG time and it can stain your bed sheets – but it’s not as sloppy as Waterbased lubes so it’s pretty easy not to get in places where you don’t want it

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